Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. How does it work?
A. Channel Manager is not just a Site Updater for OTA  llike Traveloka, tiket.com, Booking.com, agoda , it is also a full front office system; it offers far more than a OTA  updater, increases business, save wages, gives many reports, makes the hotel/motel run smoother. lets you go on far more last minute sites.  

Q. How does it benefit me?
A. Channel Manager saves time in only updating 1 Channel Manager inventory which in turns updates your system, your website and all your last minute sites at once. There is a big saving in staff wages and your time updating all the last minutes sites. 

Q. Is it easy to Use?
A. Yes - Very easy, you don't have to be a computer expert to use Channel Manager. The terminology and navigation used are very easy to use & being a web based system you can use it from any computer or smart phone in the world. 

Q. What does it cost?
A.  it is USD 25 / Month for villa or hotel < 10 rooms, check pricing for other rate plan


 Q. How to pay monthly fee?
A.  The best way is with credit card, you can also pay with ATM bersama from any Bank to Indonesian Bank Account  Mandiri/Permata Bank/BCA


Q. Can I still use me existing booking system with Channel manager?

A. We offer different modules to suit the situation of each type of hotel/motel system please check with us if you have any specific requirements. 

Q. Can Channel manager work with my website?
A. Yes. We provide you with a free Check availability / book and pay button that goes on your web site that is linked to Channel Manager, which gives you a check availability and book and pay facility for you own web site. Be aware that what is now happening is the general public are now looking on the last minute sites, then doing a Google search for your web site but if you have a book and pay facility you have a good chance of getting the booking made directly from you book and pay facility on your web site. After the booking has been made Channel Manager will automatically update all the booking provider sites straight away and update your ChannelManager front office system. It is important to have a good web site and have it optimized to increase your online revenue. We can put you in contact with excellent web site designers if you would like a new or upgraded website. 

Q. How long will it take to setup Channelmanager?
A. Usually, Channel Manager is setup within 24 hours. 

Q. Can I try it first before I buy?
A. Yes. you can try Channel Manager free for 4 weeks first before committing,  Free trial 

Q. Can I stop using Channel manager if it doesn't work for me?
A. In the unlikely event there is some reason you are not fully satisfied with Channel Manager then you can stop at any time, as there are no lock in contracts or obligations. 

Q. Am I locked into a contract with Channel Manager?
A. No - there are no lock in contracts. 

Q. Do I still have to go into my OTA  and update them manually?
A. No - Channel Manager updates all OTA sites automatically. 

Q. What sort of support do I get?
365 days a year, 7 days a week, 7am - 10pm directly from our support team as we do not have computerized phone answering when you ring for service you get to speak to a real person. 

Q. Which last minute sites does Channel manager automatically update?
A. Please see our Present OTA are being added to constantly. 

Q. What if one of my booking sites is not with Channel manager?
A. Channel Manager already has incorporated most of the popular OTA into its system, but if one of your booking sites is not in Channel Manager, you can request it to be added at no charge. 

Q. Can I update bookings and change prices daily?
A. You can change prices on all or selected booking providers as often as required. 

Q. Can I buy different modules?
A. Yes - Different modules can be purchased depending on your exact requirements. 

Q. Can Channel manager alert me by my mobile phone if I'm not in the office?
A. Yes  Smaller hotels, B & B need the ability to leave their office from time to time , Channel Manager allows the manager to switch the SMS messages facility on so he/she can receive a SMS message every time a booking is made by any of the Last minute sites as well as from the book and pay button on their web site. These bookings are automatically put into the ChannelManager system so the manager then know what rooms are available . The manager then can safely receive phone bookings while absent from the reception. The hotel manager can also log onto channel Manager using a smart phone or lap top to manage all their inventory. 

Q. How fast does Channel Manager update all my last minute sites and inventory?
A. Channel Manager instantly updates your data on the booking providers' sites as you enter or change any room bookings. 

Q. Does Channel manager stop selling my rooms when I'm fully booked?
A. Yes - Channel Manager automatically stops selling your rooms on all booking providers' sites when you are fully booked. ChannelManager sends you an email to tell you that you are fully booked when the last room has been sold. 

Q. Does Channel manager provide guests an invoice?
A. Yes - Channel Manager creates guest invoices automatically as bookings are entered into the system. 

Q. What new feature will be added to Channel manager in the future?
We have recently added the overlap room booking feature and are currently working on a full MYOB and QuickBooks interface with back office accounting.