Term & Condition Channel Manager Indonesia

The following terms and conditions will apply if you are going to have a Free Trial service for Channel Manager Australia Service

  1. These Free trial terms and conditions are only applicable for Indonesian Property’s
  2. The service, the features and any connections between free trial and paid service are the same. There is no difference between the Free Trial and the Paid service.
  3. The free trial shall last for a period of 30 days only (or 2 months in a specific region based on the agreement in the region). After the free trial period, the regular price for the ChannelManager service will charged.
  4. The normal charges after the free trial period will be Rp392000/month for property up to 10 rooms and Rp686000/month up to 20 rooms. And only Rp.266000/month for a full house. The payment can be done by automatic credit card, ATM Bank transfer or via payment gateway provided in your invoice.
    Payment must be made as Prepaid in two weeks after the date of your invoice.
  5. Refund Policy – There is no refund after the payment made to ChannelManager Indonesia Account for the subscription service monthly fee.
  6. If customer is not wishing to continue the ChannelManager service once the free trial ends, then must cancel the ChannelManager service using the contact support form located in the customer Client Area within 3 days before the free trial period ends.
    Failure in payment two weeks after due date will result in your ChannelManager account being blocked at the end of the month and full disconnection will be made one week after.
  7. Prior to free trial commencing all new ChannelManager customers must do live training with ChannelManager team by phone or online, Video and training module is also available in the member area in menu Support Centre.
  8. Once Customer ready to connect to Online Travel Agent, Customer has to inform ChannelManager connections team via contact support button located in you ChannelManager account.
  9. ChannelManager reserves the right to remove or cancel the free trial offer at any time.
  10. ChannelManager reserves the right to change the feature or facilities of the free trial offer at any time
  11. ChannelManager reviews all free trial request and reserves the right to deny or cancel ChannelManger service at any time and for any reason.